Bas de Koster is starting to repair an old Contender. Here is the hull at the start.
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"Bas de Koster"
To: "Gil Woolley
Subject: This Old Boat
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:05:15

Hai Gil,

Concerning the updated website, and the photographs from some
sailors revising and repairing their (older) Contenders:
here are a few photos of my own project,
the NED 48, a Vlieger hull from 1976.
Originally all black and later painted a
few times in white before I bought the
bare hull,  I will repair the hull and paint
in white again.

My goal is to create a fun boat, as the
rig and sail isn't state of the art, but I
can create an efficient deck- and cockpit layout,

I joined a beginners-day end of August organised by the DCA in Holland which
was very helpful for every participant
(and good for boat detailing.)

I've come far till now because the time consuming filling and fairing process
is almost finished now and I can paint
the boat, I have no structural problems
and the "surgical" photos which you
already have on the site.   

Although difficult to see, nr.010 and 011are older photo's,
152 is a photo of last week, together with the homemade trailer.

I will continue making photographs of the progress, maybe
sometime these can be of use for other viewers of the website.

Best regards,

Bas de Koster,

Several months after the previous
pictures were taken, Bas had
progressed to the next two pictures.

"I use the non-skid backside-material
of MOUSEPADS (also EVA), thickness
ca. 1,80 mm so I think I have circa the
same stuff. I got this from a producer
of mousepads (comes in 50 x 70
cm-sheets), works and glues fine. I still
have to put strong black tape, 25 mm
width, around because it will peel off
quickly I guess.

I have faired everything, hull and decks
because this was painted roughly 2 or
3 times and looked like ... shi... .

I still have to buy some control-lines
and the 5 shrouds next week and then
I'm finally ready to test which I'll do end
of the month.

As attachment 2 x photo from last week
(I progressed since), will send you every
photo to complete the site when I'm ready."

email received 19 May 2003
"Herewith a first addition to the 'Dutch' page you made in the section 'This old boat':

These 3 new pictures are from last week, on these pictures the hull is completely in primer, the hull is now already painted with

2-component paint (with a roller instead of spraying) and looks fine enough for sailing. By using lightbrown car-primer you HAVE to paint two coats as a minimum but you don't have to touch it again in years.

Best regards,

Bas de Koster

p.s.: you can see I reach finishing the boat, should be ready in a month (finally!)"

Herewith some pictures of the final stages
of the repair job of my NED 48 to complete
the page in the "This Old Boat"- chapter.

I managed to try the boat at an Class Event
(18th October), without any practice, but
succeeded to collect some experience has
still been collected this year.

Hope that you can place them on the site
to good use for future project-starters

Best regards,

Bas de Koster, Holland

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