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USA-200 was built in 1985 by Jerry White and a licensed
builder in the USA at that time. At a difficult time in his life, Jerry sold the boat to Wayne Dorchester who
brought the boat to the Kingston Worlds in 2001.
Later Wayne lost interest in the boat and sold it to
Brit living in America - Nick Mockridge.

Nick felt that the boat needed substantial upgrading
and that he is the man to do the job. Below are photos
of the way Nick found the boat and what he is doing
to upgrade the boat.

More recently, Jerry bought the boat back and sailed it for
a couple of years and then bought two newer boats and has
sold USA-200 to Mike Mashl in Austin, Texas.

^As the boat looked when Nick bought it from Wayne.>\/

Holmspar mast, oldie but a goodie

Above Nick showing off his handiwork just after
repainting the topsides. Now to start shining up
the bottom.
Bottom looks pretty shiny in thise photos.

Nick made this boat cover for US$ 8 for the tarp, some double sided carpet tape to hold it together and some grommets installed to hold it down. Of course it never rains in
Southern California so he only has to keep
the sun and neighborhood racoons out.


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