The full title of the Association shall be the "International Contender Association".


The objects of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the International Contender Class throughout the world:-
a. To maintain the one design character of the International Contender yacht;

b. To co-ordinate and manage the affairs of the class and to represent the views of the owners on the
Measurement Rules to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF);

c. To encourage and co-ordinate national and international competition in the Class.


Throughout the International Contender Association Rules, Championship Rules and Measurement Rules the following defined terms will be used:

a. "The Association" means the International Contender Association;

b. A "National Association" shall mean the International Contender Class National Association organized in individual countries and officially recognized by the Association;

c. "The National Authority" shall mean the officially recognized authority or organization controlling and organizing the sort of yachting and sailing on a national basis in any country;

d. "The Committee" shall mean the Committee of the Association, consisting of members elected and appointed in accordance with section 6 of these rules;

e. "The Association Rules" shall mean the rules governing the conduct of the Association as herein provided, comprising the Contender Association Rules, the Contender Championship Rules and the Contender Measurement Rules;

f. "The Association Register" shall mean the Register of Members of the Association to be kept as hereinafter provided;

g. "The Class" shall mean the class of sailing yachts designed by Robert C. Miller and made in accordance with the drawings and specifications, and known under the name "International Contender";

h. "The Measurement Rules" shall mean the International Contender Class Rules;

i. "The Register of Moulds" shall mean the register of officially measured, approved and numbered moulds from which the production of plastic constructed International Contenders is approved by the ISAF;

j. "The Register of Builders" shall mean the Register of builders who have applied to the Association or ISAF for approval as:

j.1 Constructors of International Contender hull, deck and component mouldings in plastic, and have been granted such approval by the ISAF and are equipped with moulds listed on the Register of Moulds;

j.2 Manufacturers of timber building kits which consist of the unassembled component parts of a Contender hull;

j.3 Professional builders in wood, with or without use of an approved kit who have been recommended by the National Authority as having suitable facilities and expertise, and have been approved by the Association and the ISAF;

j.4 Professional builders of composite (part wood, part plastic) hulls who have been recommended by the National Authority as having suitable facilities and expertise, and have been approved by the Association and the ISAF, subject to all plastic molding being obtained only from a constructor approved under sub paragraph. .1 preceding and manufactured from a Registered mould;

k. "The Register number" shall mean either the sail number allocated to the boat by the National Authority, or the Building Plaque number;

l. "The Class Secretary" shall mean the Honorary Secretary or the Secretary appointed as defined in part 6(e)2 of these rules;

m. "Certificate" shall mean a certificate to be issued, ratified and endorsed as hereinafter provided and recorded:-

m.1 The registered number of an International Contender and the name of the owner at the time the certificate was issued;

m.2 The fact that such International Contender has been measured by an Approved Measurer since completion of construction and found complying with measurement rules;

n. "Valid Certificate" shall mean a certificate in which:-

n.1 The particulars of ownership are up to date and entered on the class register;

n.2 Any endorsement required by the Association rules has been duly entered;

o. "Approved Measurer" shall mean a person who is given authority by the National Authority or the National or International Associations, to check any boat's measurements to ensure compliance with the Measurement Rules; and whose signature on the boat's Measurement Certificate gives the National Authority confirmation that the boat, together with its sails, spars and foils, fully complies in all aspects with the Measurement Rules;

p. "Owner" and "Joint Owner" shall mean any person, corporation or association entered on a certificate as owner or joint owner of an International Contender;

q. "Copyright Holder" shall mean any person, persons or corporation for the time being in possession of the copyright in the drawings and specifications of the International Contender Yacht;

r. "Licensee" shall mean the person, persons or corporation for the time being holding a license under the copyright of the International Contender Yacht for the construction of GRP hulls or manufacture of timber building kits;

s. "International Receipt" shall mean the receipt issued by the Association on payment of a full or associate number levy by a National Association.


a. The following classes of membership shall be recognized:-
Full Membership
Associate Membership
Honorary Membership

a.1 Full Membership shall be open to any Full Member of a National Association who is the owner of an International Contender or, in the case of joint owners, to any one of them, or, in the case of an International Contender owned by a corporation or association, to a nominated representative of that organization, provided that payment of the prescribed annual subscription of the National Association has been made and such annual contribution to the Association as hereinafter has been made by the National Association;

a.2 Associate Membership shall be open to any Associate Member of a National Association who is joint owner of an International Contender or a member of a corporation owning an International Contender and not being a Full Member, or to all individuals or clubs interested in the International Contender Class, provided that payment of the prescribed annual subscription of the National Association has been made and such annual contribution to the Association as hereinafter specified has been made by the National Association;

a.3 Honorary Membership shall be open to any person having an interest in the Association or in the Class who is proposed by a Full Member, seconded by a Full Member, and is elected by members of the Association at any General Meeting of the Association.

b. Members shall be bound by the Association Rules.

c. Members competing or entering International Contenders in races which consist of or include the Class shall be bound by the Contender Measurement Rules.

d. Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote at a General Meeting of the Association or in a postal ballot. Associate and Honorary members shall be entitled to attend and speak at any General Meeting, but not to vote.

e. Where no National Association exists, individuals may apply to the Association for Full or Associate Membership as appropriate. No more than 5 such memberships will be allowed from a country in this category. In these circumstances the individuals concerned must organize a National Authority.


a. The Association shall be financed by a general levy from National Associations for each Full Member and for each Associate Member.

b.1 The general levy will be agreed at the annual general meeting of The Association

b.2 The secretary will advise all National Associations of the levy, within 2 months of the AGM, which will be due for the forthcoming calendar year.

b.3 The National Association will collect the levy for the current calendar year, between the first day of January and the 30 May, and then make a payment to The Association by the 30 June each year. Any National Association not paying the levy by the due date will cease to be recognised by the Association, but may be restored upon application to the Committee, and by paying the required Levy, at the discretion of the Committee.

b.4 When making the payment to The Association, the National Association will provide a list of fully paid up members to The Association secretary .Only when the list and payment has been received by The Association will individual National Association members be considered as being paid up members of The Association.

b.5 The National Authority will be responsible for issuing receipts to its own paid up members. In the case of Full Membership the receipt shall be attached to the Certificate to which it relates.

b.6 Any members who join a National Association after the 30 May, but before 31 December will still be liable for the full general levy to The Association for that year. It is the responsibility of the National Association to advise the Association of the names of late joiners. The levy should be paid to The Association with the levy due in the following year.

a. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Committee, which shall be the only body with the power to make recommendations to the ISAF for changes in the Contender Measurement Rules.

b.1 The Committee shall consist of not less than three and not more than ten Full Members of the Association elected annually at a General Meeting of Members, or by postal vote, as elected Committee Members.
In addition each nation with twelve or more Full Members of the Association shall be entitled to appoint one Full Member of the Committee as National Committee Member. Each Nation with one hundred or more Full Members of the Association shall be entitled to appoint two Full Members to the Committee as National Committee Members. The Committee shall have powers to co-opt any person to assist it, whether a Full Member of the Association or not, but such person shall have no vote in Committee.

b.2 The Members at Annual General Meeting shall vote for one committee member to act as Association President.

c. No Members shall serve on the Committee as an elected or National Committee member for more than three years, at the end of which period he shall retire, but shall be eligible for re election and may be co-opted.

d. The Committee need not fill a vacancy arising in the Committee unless the total number of the Committee Members has dropped below a minimum of six. The Committee members appointed to fill such vacancies shall remain in office until the expiry of the term of office of the person whose position they have filled.

e. At its first meeting to be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting of the Association the Committee shall:-

e.1 Elect one of its officers to act as Chairman of the Association for the following year;

e.2 Elect an Honorary or appoint a Secretary who shall keep correct minutes and records of all Committee and General Meetings, together with the Association Register and the Class Register, and shall be responsible for communicating the decisions of the Committee to members of the Association, and, where directed by the Committee, to owners and joint owners not being members of the Association, in such terms as the Committee may prescribe;

e.3 Elect an Honorary Treasurer who shall have charge of the funds of the Association, make such disbursements as the Committee shall direct, keep an accurate record of the financial affairs of the Association, and present an annual financial statement at each Annual General Meeting. The Secretary or Honorary Secretary may fulfil the function of Treasurer;

e.4 Appoint an Auditor who shall certify the Annual Financial Statement;

e.5 Elect a Rules and Technical sub Committee which shall be responsible for advising the Committee and Association Members upon the interpretation of the Measurement Rules, for considering requirements for amendments or additions to such Rules and for making recommendations to the Committee;

.e.6 Decide the time and place for the next meeting of the Committee and cause the Honorary Secretary or Secretary to ensure that notice of this meeting be sent to all members of the Committee.

f. At meeting of the Committee two of the Members present shall form a quorum.

g. The Committee shall have the power to make recommendations to the Members in General Meeting, or by post, for alterations in or additions to the Associations Rules. Such alterations shall be carried by:-

g.1 A majority of those Full Members voting, in the case of the Association or Championship rules;

g.2 A 2/3 (two thirds) majority of those Full Members voting , if successful then a postal vote is taken, a 2/3 (two thirds) majority calculated from the number of returns received within 3 (three) months of sending out the voting information for submission to the ISAF of a change in the Contender Measurement Rules.

h. The Committee shall arrange an Annual World Championship of the Class in accordance with the Contender Championship Rules and co-ordinate such National or Regional Championships as may be required and all matters pertaining to International Championships shall be settled by the Committee in consultation with the sponsoring club or clubs and/or the relevant National Authority.

i. Owing to the difficulties of attendance at a meeting of an international committee, at least six weeks notice of the date, place and agenda for any Committee meeting must be given in writing to each Committee member by the Secretary. Business will mainly be conducted by correspondence which shall always be circulated through the Secretariat. Unless otherwise stated by a National Association, the National Committee Member(s) of a country shall be assumed to be the National Secretary of the National Association of that country. Any Committee Member not answering a motion communicated to him in writing within six weeks of that date of sending shall be deemed to have agreed to such motion. All communications in countries outside that of the Secretariat shall be sent by Airmail.

j. Acceptance of a Certificate by an owner or joint owner shall ipse facto render him or them subject to the jurisdiction of the Association or the Committee in any matter pertaining to the Association Rules.


Subject to the provision of these rules and in particular to the Objects of the Association as expressed in Rule 2, the Committee shall be empowered to perform all the functions of management and administration. The making of payments and receipts of monies shall be validly received only by the signature of the Treasurer or by his deputy as appointed by the Committee and payments or receipts of monies exceeding the sum of Euro 500 shall require the signature of the Chairman and Secretary or Treasurer.


a. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held each year either at an International Championship or other Regatta of the Class, or any other place judged by the Committee to be the most convenient to the majority of the members of the Association, the precise date, time an place being at the Committee's discretion.

b. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Chairman or Class Secretary upon receipt by the Class Secretary of a request in writing signed by not fewer than 15 (fifteen) Full Members of the Association.

c. At any General Meeting or Committee Meeting decisions, other than those concerned with the Measurement Rules, shall be carried by a majority vote. Voting shall be a show of hands unless a poll is demanded by not fewer than 3 (three) of the Full Members present. At any meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Secretary shall be responsible for circulating to all Members, or in the case of Committee meetings, to all Committee Members, with the result(s).

d. At least 10 (ten) weeks notice in writing shall be given to Members of any General Meeting.

e. At any General Meeting of the Association 21 (twenty one) shall form a quorum.


a. The Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept giving full particulars of:-

a.1 All monies, assets and liabilities of the Association;

a.2 All monies received and expended by the Association and the matters in respect of which such receipts and expenditures arise;

a.3 All sales and purchases of goods by the Association.

b. The Committee shall cause to be prepared and laid before the Members at every Annual General Meeting of the Association an Annual Financial Statement.

c. A copy of the Annual Financial Statement, duly audited, which is to be laid before the Members at the General Meeting shall not less than 20 (twenty) days previous to such General Meeting be sent to the Secretaries of each National Association.

Revision: 2003, voted and approved at the Annual General Meeting at Lake Garda, 4 August, 2004