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This document lists some items to consider for major Contender Championships including suggestions for sailing instructions. It has no particular order and is intended as a list of hints and ideas which we hope will be helpful for organising Contender Championships.

Throughout this document, where Yacht racing rules are mentioned, they are written like IYRR 54.1 [42.1]. This means: rule 54.1 of the 1993-1996 International Yacht Racing Rules respectively rule 42.1 of rules for 1997-2000 (this document is based on the September 1996 draft version as the new rules are not released yet). In some cases, no old rule is given.

Junior Competitors

The International Contender Association intends to promote the competition of junior participants in World and Continental Championships by sponsoring part or all of the entry fees for participants under 21 year of age. Details are not yet available, but we will keep the organizing clubs up to date.

Size of Championship Fleets

The contender championship rules specify an entry limitation for World Championships. However, this is currently not needed and the ICA Committee allows unlimited entries unless other arrangements with the organizing club are made. This can result in a fleet of 100-120 boats in popular venues.

For Continental and National Championships, the Contender Championship rules allow unlimited entries if not otherwise determined by the ICA committee. For Europeans, this can attract a fleet size of 70-100 boats in popular venues.

Scoring System

The Contender Championship rule B.8.a states that the "Olympic Scoring System" shall be used. This rule is probably due for rewording as the IYRR now use the terms "bonus point" and "low point" scoring system. Both of these are acceptable for Contender Championships.

Number of Races in Championships

The Contender Championship rule B.7.a say that only one race per day should be scheduled for World and Continental Championships. However, we are currently experimenting with other formats - the 1997 Worlds in Sydney will be 10 races over 5 days with 2 discards. We will evaluate this afterwards and may soften this rule in the future.

Length of Course

Contender Championship rule B.8.b states that the length of a championship race shall be 9-12 nautical miles. This applies to a unshortened race, therefore a race shortened according to Championship rule B.8.c may be shorter than 9 nautical miles. Also in the experimental race format used in Sydney the length will probably be less than 9 nautical miles to allow two races a day.


The IYRR 54 [42] has shown to be critical for the success of a championship in that is often enforced much more than any other of the rules and this sometimes gets out of proportion. Generally the feeling of our class is that an infringement against this rule should bear a less severe penalty than a violation of the right of way rules. Therefore the following is proposed to be included in the sailing instructions:

Alternative Penalty and Propulsion

  1. The alternative penalty (720 turns as described in IYRR B.1 [44.2]) shall apply for infringements of IYRR 54 [42] and of rules of part 2 of the IYRR as described in IYRR [44.1].
  2. Yachts observed by two or more members of the International Jury infringing IYRR 54 [42] may be protested on the water. As soon as practical, a jury member will inform the protested yacht by making a sound signal, displaying a yellow flag and hailing the sail number of the protested yacht. The protested yacht may either:
    1. acknowledge the infringement by doing the 720 turn as described in IYRR B.1 [44.2],
    2. or continue to race in which case she will be protested by the members of the International Jury and a protest hearing will be held. (Optional: It is advised that the protesting Jury Members should provide video evidence). If the International Jury confirms the violation of IYRR 54 [42] the yacht shall receive a scoring penalty as described in IYRR [44.3.c] (20% of the boats entered).
  3. A yacht acknowledgeing an infringement of IYRR 54 [42], when protested by members of the Jury, cannot be protested by another yacht for the same incident.
  4. A yacht protested by another yacht for infringement of IYRR 54 [42] and found guilty by the Jury, shall receive a scoring penalty as described in IYRR [44.3.c] (20% of the boats entered).
  5. Action or lack of action by the International Jury under this sailing instruction shall not be grounds for redress.

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