International Contender Association
Minutes of
Annual General Meeting
15 August, 2000
Revised 7 September, 2000
Revised 13 May, 2001 with Postal Ballot Results
Medemblik, Netherlands (Holland)

Minutes of previous AGM at Kiel, Germany: Approved with no further changes.


Election of officers: The following persons were re-elected to the following offices

   Nigel Walbank: President

   Chris Mitchell: Chairman

   Alan Mollatt: Technical Chairman

   Manfred Kieckbusch: Treasurer

   Gil Woolley: Secretary

Officers Reports:
Chairman Chris Mitchell described the Evaluation Trials at Quiberon. Chris and Graham Scott brought their own boats to Quiberon at ICA expense. Persons evaluating the new fast single-handed skiff sailed Graham's boat, both boats competed in the limited racing. Write ups of this event appeared first in the Voiles & Voiliers article elsewhere on this web site in the original French and a translation to English.

Treasurer Manfred Kieckbusch stated that there were about £10.000 sterling in the account presently before any currently owe amounts have been presented. He further remarked it is much more difficult to obtain owed amounts from various countries than to find ways to spend the money.

Manfred asked that each national association post on the Internet their roster of boat owners and designate those owners who are currently paid up members in good standing.

Secretary Gil Woolley reported on the 2nd Hand Contender web page. There are 40 current advertisements and 29 boats have been sold that were advertised on the page. He asked for comments after the meeting regarding the frustrations of the change in servers during 2000 and whether further changes were necessary. (no comments received). He described the operation of the egroups mailing list started 12 January 2000. Activity ranges from 35 to 120 messages per month. The Evaluation trials at Quiberon in March and the Voiles & Voiliers article and the Yachts and Yachting article have produced the most activity.

World Championship Arrangements:
2001 Kingston, Ontario Canada August 4-11.
Ian Watson, chairman of the Canadian Contender Association, presented
some information and handed out thick flyers to the National Secretaries.
Kingston is the site used for CORK - Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston.
Lake Ontario is quite large - roughly 70 miles by 250 miles.
It is a thermal wind area. They are planning two races per day.

2002 Melbourne, Australia in January 2002
The organizers plan to offer free shipping container handling (terminal charges)
but, contrary to previous announcements, no free shipping.

2003 Plymouth, Great Britain.
Third week of August.

2004 Is open. Members of the German contingent suggested Travemunde.

European Championship Arrangements:
2001 will be held from 23 to 27 May at Loctudy in Britanny, France.
Henri Chemineau presented.

2002 Hellerup, Denmark (20 minutes from Copenhagen).
July or August
5 days racing, car camping, gymnastic room. Manfred Kieckbusch adds that this is the club from which Paul Elvstršm sails.
Lars Schrøder presented.

Proposed Rules Changes
A number of events external to and internal to the Contender class caused many class members to discuss and propose potential class rule changes. These proposals were written down and presented to the class members attending the Annual General Meeting(AGM). In order for a rule change to take effect, the proposal must be approved by 2/3 of the members attending the AGM, then it must be approved by a simple majority of class members voting by postal ballot, then it must be approved by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) at their annual meeting. The votes taken at the AGM only start the process running.
13 May, 2001. The postal ballot process has been completed. Proposed changes to Rules 13, 15 and 17 have
been approved by class membership and will now be submitted to the ISAF for final ratification.

Proposal: Rule 17 (Sail). Change rule 17.12
Double luffed or loose footed sails are prohibited.
Double luffed sails are prohibited.
47 in favour
5 against
14 abstentions
66 total
Proposal approved by 71 percent. Proposal carried.

Proposal: Change rule 15 (Boom). Change rule 15.2
The boom, excluding fittings, shall be able to pass through an 80 mm diameter circle.
The boom, excluding fittings, shall be able to pass through an 120 mm diameter circle.
55 in favour
6 opposed
10 abstentions
71 total
Proposal approved by 77 percent. Proposal carried

Proposal: Change 15 (Boom). Change boom material to permit carbon fibre.
34 in favour
23 opposed
15 abstentions
72 total
Proposal approved by 47 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Rule 13 (Masts) Proposal to permit any material.
56 in favour
9 opposed
9 abstentions
74 present
Proposal approved by 76 percent. Proposal carried.

Proposal: Rule 16 (Hull). Change hull weight downward.
32 in favour
35 opposed
3 abstentions
70 total
Proposal approved by 46 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: 19 (Prohibitions) Change rule 19 to add a weight
equalization system involving addition of racks (for hiking out)
and additional hull weight for light weight sailors.
18 in favour
37 opposed
8 abstentions
63 total
Proposal approved by 29 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Rule 42. Change class rules to permit pumping at any time.
8 in favour
47 opposed
0 abstentions
55 total
Proposal approved by 15 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Change to permit up to 3 of the required 5 jury members
to participate by telecommunication rather than having to be on site
during a World Championship.
It was felt that this is the province of the ISAF and the Racing Rules.
It was not submitted to a vote by the members. Class representatives will discuss this with the ISAF.

Other business.
Richard Buttner suggested that the class publish a yearbook as a means of promoting the class and offered assistance.

It was voted to close the meeting.

Minutes submitted by

Gil Woolley

Secretary, International Contender Association.
28 August, 2000

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