International Contender Association
Minutes of
Annual General Meeting
August, 2001
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Minutes of previous AGM at Medemblik, Netherlands: Approved with no further changes.


Election of officers: The following persons were elected to the following offices

   Arthur Brett: President AUS-279

   Søren Andreason: Chairman DEN-44

   Alan Mollatt: Technical Chairman GBR-540

   Manfred Kieckbusch: Treasurer GER-474

   Gil Woolley: Secretary USA-204

Officers Reports:
Chairman Chris Mitchell
See proposed Championship Rules changes below.

Treasurer Manfred Kieckbusch
No written report submitted.

Secretary Gil Woolley
We estimate that there are 600 Contenders world wide. We
know of the sale of roughly 50 boats during the year 2000.

World Championship Arrangements:
2002 Melbourne, Australia in January 2002
Bill Bell, commodore, described the planned regatta
including accommodations or lodging for most competitors.
Wharfage fees in Melbourne shall be covered by the
Australians on behalf of the the containers full of Contenders
coming to the Worlds in Melbourne.

2003 Plymouth, Great Britain.
Third week of August.

2004 Riva on Lake Garda was proposed for the end of the summer.
This was approved unanimously.

2005 Is open.

European Championship Arrangements:

2002 Hellerup, Denmark (20 minutes from Copenhagen).
July or August
5 days racing, car camping, gymnastic room.
Manfred Kieckbusch adds that this is the club from which Paul Elvström sails.
Lars Schrøder presented.

Championship Rules.
Chris Mitchell briefly described proposed changes to the Championship Rules.
The major changes are:
Simplified championship committee.
Permit two races per day.
Low point scoring system.
Preliminary Notice of Race required 6 months in advance of the event.
Final Notice of Race required 3 months in advance of event.
The proposed changes have been posted on the class web site and will be
reviewed and may come to a vote at Melbourne AGM in January 2002.

A proposal was put forward by Treasurer Manfred Kieckbusch.
It is presently difficult to collect dues to ICA from the member National
Contender Associations. Manfred's proposal is to change from annual
dues per class member to the sale of a token with the purchase of each
new sail. The action on this item is for Manfred to write down the
proposal and have it voted upon at the AGM in Melbourne.

Shortfall at the Kingston Worlds. The Canadian Association put
forward a request that the ICA cover a CAN$900 shortfall. This
shortage occurred because it had been reasonably expected that about
40 competitors would enter the Worlds at Kingston and in fact only
31 had entered. Budgeting for the event had expected the fees from
40 entries. The measure was proposed, seconded and approved.

Proposed rules changes.
Gil Woolley proposed a rule change to the booms to permit a
taper of the section after the outer black band. The justification
is that at several World Championships, booms have been rejected
at measurement because of a taper cut into the outer end of the
boom. Evidently, in some countries some competitors have
come to believe that a taper is permitted but the International
Measurer has required the equipment to conform to the rules
which presently forbid a taper.

A "fix" has been observed wherein an aluminium can is
taped to the outer end of the boom in such a way to conceal
the taper. This "fix" may be dangerous to other boats and
competitors during the regatta. The purpose of the rule
change proposal is to make the meaning of the present rule
much clearer so that no more boat owners cut a taper into
their booms and to permit a very limited taper.

The proposal K was approved by over two thirds of those
present. It was agreed that a postal ballot on this change will
be deferred until after the 2002 Worlds at Melbourne so that if
further rules changes are approved, one postal ballot may be used
to seek approval of several items at one time.

Benjamin Voigt proposed placing Contender advertisements aimed at
younger sailors in magazines such as (but not limited to) the
International 420 and the Cadet.

It was voted to close the meeting.

Minutes submitted by

Gil Woolley

Secretary, International Contender Association.
28 August, 2000

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