International Contender Association

Minutes of
Annual General Meeting
Thursday, 21 August, 2003
Mayflower Sailing Club
Plymouth, Great Britain
Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary
  The meeting was opened late due to tardy secretary. Very sorry
Minutes of the 2002 AGM at Melbourne were approved.

Officers Reports:
President's report: Arthur Brett was not present. He
announced that he wishes to step down as President.

Chairman’s report: Søren Andreasen reported on
the Posters. They are printed in Dutch, Italian,
German and English. He added that the actual date of the
Worlds in Perth, Australia is 2006, not 2005 as shown
in the poster.

Technical Chairman report: Mol Mollatt reported
on the weighing problem. Specifically, boats which
measure down to weight at one regatta and then up
or down from the minimum at the next regatta. Mol
intends to maintain control of a steel yard scale which
will be used at all Worlds events. The belief is that it
will be more consistent than electronic scales procured
for each event from different sources.

He also reported on the requirement imposed late in
the game after we had held an AGM vote and followed
by the postal ballot that International Sailing Federation
(ISAF) object to the words “inherently straight” and
require us to change to a specification or tolerance to
define a straight spar.

Treasurers report: Manfred Kieckbusch was
not present, no report was provided. Manfred stated
his intent by letter to step down as treasurer.

Secretary’s report: Gil Woolley reported that
currently there are 350 members of yahoogroups with
a small number of persons known to have more than
one email address.

New boat sales figures.
26 in 2002
50 in 2001
18 in 2000
33 in 1999
25 in 1998
2300 boats have been issued plaques representing new boats
since the inception of the Contender class.
Used boats sales.
These figures represent only boats offered for sale
in the International 2nd Hand Boat web page
37 in 2002
39 in 2001
47 in 2000
19 in 1999

The secretary makes a SWAG (sophisticated wild guess)
that there are 600 to 900 Contenders currently actively

The ISAF requires all International classes to individually
report twice during the year. The secretary described the
data required in these reports and requested cooperation from
the officers of the National Contender Associations.

On 1 February a report is submitted which appears on the
ISAF web pages at the following address: and click on ISAF Classes. On
the next page to appear click on Class Annual Reports.
Then click on Centerboard & Recognized Classes under
the year 2003 and finally click on International Contender.
The report link: (link is now broken)

The curious may wish to click on the reports from other
classes as well. Copies were posted on bulletin boards prior
to the AGM.

On 1 August a report is submitted listing important details
about the following year’s World Championship. Failure
to submit this report may result in the inability to designate
the Worlds as an official event.

The secretary also reported the maintenance of the
International Contender web pages. During the year pages
have been created to describe major repair projects
rebuilding older Contenders. These are grouped under
helpful information as “This Old Boat”.

Election of officers:
As President Arthur Brett and Treasurer Manfred had
declared their intention to step down, nominations were
heard for President and Treasurer. The Chairman, the
Technical Chairman and the Secretary declared desire
to continue in their present posts.

The following persons were elected to the following
five offices.

President: Tim Holden GBR
Chairman: Søren Andreason DEN
Technical Chairman: Mol Mollatt GBR
Treasurer: Christoph Homeier GER
Secretary: Gil Woolley USAUpcoming Events.
Italian Nationals 2004 27-30 July
Worlds Measurement 31 July
Worlds Racing 2-6 August
Hotel Riva special price, 50 rooms

Worlds 2005 in Germany at Travemünde
end of July
features on site camping
measurement in a large shed
German nationals less than 100 km away

Worlds 2006 Freemantle Perth, Western Australia
middle of January, have Christmas and New Years
at home.
Sec notes say"Fly Aus Practice Islands protectWorlds 2007 Medemblik, Holland

Worlds 2008 Kingston, Canada

The meeting was adjourned.