International Contender Association


Minutes of
Annual General Meeting
6 January, 2006
Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary


TreasurerÕs Report Tim Holden.
Euro 14.977
Sterling £422
Australia AUS$9.500 for moulds
Italy owe to ?
Ger owes 3 years fee
Serbia Montenegro

PresidentÕs Report - Apologies Manfred Kieckbusch

Technical ChairmanÕs Report
ISAF agreed change rule changes - not posted
2 new builders
New Challenges Perth, Australia
Dinghy Sports
U.K. 1 proto
Italy. 3 builders
Jan new point system request ISAF
Championship--Championship & regatta

SecretaryÕs Report 2006

ChairmanÕs Report S¿ren Andreasen
Commitment Dutch Sailor
Ready for Austrian Europeans
Rule book
Stickers: 500 went
ordered 1000 in Italy, 2 per member

¥ Advertising: Richard Buttner
¥ Canadian Inquiry -money club dinghy?
¥ 100% growth Denmark - bought 5 in U.K.
¥ US$500
¥ Destroyed moulds from Rondar obsolete, considered unmarketable
¥ DVD 1500 Euro
¥ Ian Mollatt may help find unlicensed music
¥ Each paid up person should get a copy
¥ Photographer - Pictures here (Fremantle)
¥ Reproduce Garda Video

Annual fees. no comment
Minutes 2005 approved
Business Arising
ISAF rules changes
Digitize plans
Measurement Form. Available
Sail changes adv require further measurement form changes.
John Cassidy
Rodger White: Sail form to Graham Scott, North and other sail makers

Cheating, ISAF rule change must sail the last race.
Will wait until unanimous.
Rule change: Allow wire, fax email
sail #
vote to remove ÒpostalÓ - all in favour. Unanimous.

Tim Holden for Treasurer willing
Moll Mollatt for Technical Chairman willing
Gil Woolley for Secretary willing
S¿ren for Chairman Willing
Manfred Kieckbusch for President willing
All reelected

Worlds Medemblik 2007 July 13-20
Nationals at Workum prior
100+ Competitors
Committee to decided fleet split? - up to120 no split.

2008 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Last week August 2008

2010 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Submitted 24 June, 2007 by Secretary Gil Woolley gil_woolley @ (remove spaces)