Hi Soren,
I hope this is what you need
Here are the financial statements of the ICA
Sparkasse Kiel
Account 1 20.109,46 EUR (10.12.2001) -
on this account we can get a small interest because we have to
wait 1 month before we can get it from the bank.
from 08-09 it was 3,8%
11 it was 3,5%
now it is 3,0%
and this will go more down inthe future
I was thinking to put it into shares
may be by a split like 2.5000-5000 EUR into DAX 30
so we can have shares into 4 companies may be up to 10-12.000 EUR
I think shares have the best value over a long period.
But I think if we want to go for this system
we need to have a committee which will have to give the o.k.
may be up to 3 persons with internet access.
Account 2 1.766,78 EUR (08.10.2001)
is for our yearly business
like get the fees from the ISAF from the new boats and get the money
from the other Contender Associations, spend money for the digital camera
and pay our web server (ask Gil)
We have now collected this money over more than 22 years.
And It is realy easy to spend.
Because there are only small activities for promotion in the ICA
Page 1and we have
got a quite good amount of money in stock I like to reduce the ICA
membership fees from 4 british pounds per member to 4 EUR per member. Than
every national Association can spend more for local business.
The change to EUR is also because we can reduce the transfer costs for quite a few countries.
If we need more money for the ICA we can correct this on every AGM.
Sorry that I can't come to the AGM But I will come to the European to Copenhagen