Proposal 5

Rule 16.1
Reduce hull weight minimum by 1 kg.
The exact text is not quoted here because there is a separate proposal (6) which changes our system of hull measurement to include the centreboard.


Many class members would like to see the hull minimum weight reduced over a period of time. Many class members are concerned that reduction of hull minimum weight will cause older hulls to become obsolete and that will damage the class growth. In order for this weight reduction to be implemented, 2/3 of the members voting at the AGM and again 2/3 of the members voting by postal ballot must approve the change before it is submitted to ISAF (and then presumably approved and made effective).

Builders should provide a reality check on how much weight reduction is desireable from the standpoint of manufacturability to reasonable cost.

Persons with a talent for marketing may have some idea of how a lower weight may make the boat more attractive to younger sailors and women sailors.

There have been proposals in the past to reduce the hull weight. These have always failed. Nonetheless, there continues to be an expressed desire to reduce the minimum hull weight.
At the AGM in Melbourne, the officers elected to not discuss the measure or ask for a vote as the mood seemed to be
opposed to such.