International Contender Mailing List


The Contender email list provides a forum for discussing Contender topics such as:

  • A poll of the lard factor, how much do Contender sailors weigh? And other polls.

  • Schedules, upcoming regattas

  • Regatta results

  • Tacking, Face aft or forward? Why?

  • Gybing, capsize techniques (They really go together)

  • Tuning tips

  • Why should I use Pro-Grip

  • How do I buy Pro-Grip

  • How do I apply Pro-Grip

  • How do I remove Pro-Grip

  • Centreboard rake

  • Promoting the Contender

  • What direction should the class take?

  • What the class officers should be doing?

  • What should you be doing?

  • Trailer questions and answers


Post questions, supply information of general interest to everyone.
Expect a few messages each day increasing when a hot topic
appears. More than 350 addressees from 11 countries as of the end
of February 2004. (Some of us have more than one email address.)


This is a protected email list. It will not lead to an increase in
unwanted spam. There are three moderators ensuring that the free
form discussions about Contenders flows freely and stepping in
rapidly to stop the very occasional Spammer. Spammers are
kicked out of the membership after they violate our trust once.

There are no banner advertisements in the mailings. It is
supported by the International Contender Association for your
benefit. Email from email list members is distributed to the


For best results, fill out the form below. Your request will be
sent to a moderator for approval. After you start to get email
on your home computer from
then you may sign up to also get the email and read
discussions at the email web page at:

You will have to wait until a moderator has approved your
request to read and write email on your browser. The biggest
benefit is that you may read email on contender@yahoogroups
either at home or while traveling and and away from your
home computer. Also, at this page you may re-read older
messages. You have a choice, read and write email either at
home with your normal email or use your browser whereever
in the world you get Internet access.

You will have adverts to ignore on the right side of your
screen if you view your email on your browser. I never
even am aware of them myself.

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