How do you splice?

With the introduction of expensive ball bearing blocks on our boats - we should now be thinking of insuring their safety and improve performance.
Using a fid to splice the lines to the block is really much easier than you might think.

The finished article - looks smart don't you think?

The beginning of the job - please notice the tail of the 3mm spec12 used here has been cut at an angle to make a nice finish at the end.

It is easier to push the fid through the centre of the line without the line attached to the fid

Now its through, you can attach the line to the fid
A double turn through the line acts as a break and a safe stop. It does not make it look so pretty - but it is much safer and stops the requirement for a whip later.
Now that's finished take up the tension in the line and it should look like this.
The slightly difficult bit - try to pass the fid into the line and up the centre. You might need a palm to protect your hand here.
It helps to bunch up the line ahead of the fid to make it easier to push on.
Now make a clean exit from the centre of the line and push the fid through. Before you have it completely off the fid - slide in the end of the line onto the fid
Gently pull the line through the centre of the outer.
Once the line is out, remove the fid
Slowly pull the outer core over the inner line, it should disappear
Gone! Continue to work the outer over the inner making it look a nice tight finish.
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