Reinforcement Plan for 1977 Rondar hull.

In 1977 I purchased a new Rondar hull and fitted it out
with the help of a drawing supplied by the factory. I do
not know whether the drawing applies to any other year
of Rondar but it is reasonable to assume that it is a starting
point. Over the years I have supplied the drawing to a
number of people working on older Rondar hulls and no
one has ever told me that the drawing was rubbish.

I strongly recommend that you use a digital camera with
flash to reach way into your hull from the inspection
ports and take some photos of the interior. Keep taking
pictures until you have a better idea of how the structure
of your boat is laid out You will be astounded to see the
assortment of small dead animals, sponges, bolts and
vegetation lying about.(:-))

Gil Woolley