U.S. Contender Association


The USA and Canada are jointly supporting the North American Contender Association.

Chairman: Stephanie Mah
Stephanie Mah <stephanie.mah @ gmail.com>

Treasurer: Rick Needham
90 Sumach Street, Suite 320
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4R4

Least Honcho:
Gil Woolley USA-2117
1685 Mariposa Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306-1027
Tel: (650) 327-4977
email: gil_woolley @ ieee.org

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Gil at Fremantle
Brad Cameron and Jerry White

September 26-27 at Santa Cruz, CA

Jerry White wins Intergalactic USA National Championships

2008 Membership form. Fill this out, include a check for $50 made out to
Rick Needham and send it to Gil Woolley. I will copy the data on the form
and send it on to Rick Needham.

2008 Ballot - Class Rule Amendments. Important stuff.

2008 Trapeze Flyer. Our North American Contender magazine published
when the chairman has beaten the snot out of the writers. Irregularly at best.

2008 Midsummer Pacific Coast Championship. July 13 and 14 in
Astoria, Oregon. Stuart Sinclair is providing the leadership for the class.
email: stuartsailing @ charter.net

USA Roster The rosters of active and inactive or lost Contenders in the United States

Roster History This Adobe Acrobat document shows boat ownership at intervals back to 1983. After you download the document, it may be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

Stuart Sinclair has completely rebuilt USA-289, a Marine Pack timber Contender

Ed Harrison is re-rigging USA-194 to be continued.
Nick Mockridge refinished the outside of USA-200 "Creepy Crawley"
and now Mike Mashl in Austin, TX owns it.

Photos of USA-109, a boat built in 1979.
Old pictures at Clearlake, CA.
Alex Holman 's project

Four Sailors
Four Sailors
Jerry White, Kirk Price, Gil Woolley, Brad Cameron

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